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How to treat neck pain at home

Each day in the clinic I come across a variety of issues in our patients. Some can be quite unique to that person but often different people come in with the same complaint. I have decided to write about some of these and to give a little advice as to how you can manage it yourself at home if you are unable to get help straight away.

I’m going to start with a very common complaint, neck pain. It can come in a variety of ways and in slightly different areas.

Sometimes I hear patients saying:

  • I slept on it funny

  • There was a draft

  • I was lifting something and I just turned it

Whatever the reason it has started (unless there is swelling or it is from an impact injury) usually the immediate treatment is the same.

Generally what happens is the muscle has gone into spasm on one side of your neck, making turning your head quite difficult. The best immediate solution in this instance is heat. Rubbing some deep heat or similar on the area or if it is near your bed time then use a hot water bottle and lie down on that will help release the muscle a little and ease the sensations. Sometimes just this treatment will be enough to loosen off the entire muscle area. If this happens then fantastic the muscle has relaxed and you can get on with your daily routine.

Just something to bear in mind though is why did this muscle go into spasm in the first place?

Often times we hold a lot of stress in our shoulders and neck area. If we happen to be very tense then our body’s cry out in sympathy to this. One way to reduce potential muscle spasms in this area is by stretching your Trapezius muscle. This can be done almost anywhere, at work or at home.

Click here to find a Youtube link showing one of the most straight forward ways of stretching your neck.

It can be done up to twice a day and held for about 30 seconds on each side. Now a little note of caution here, do not bounce your head/neck when doing this, do not force it. Simply take it to a position where you feel a stretch but do not feel any pain as there should not be any when doing this stretch. If you do feel pain, STOP, ease back, try again more gently. If there is still pain STOP COMPLETELY. If after applying heat and attempting to stretch out your neck you are still experiencing neck pain then I would also advise you to seek professional help.

Hope some of you will find this helpful.

For more information or help feel free to contact me and I will get back to you!

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