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Hear what my clients have to say.

"I came to Stephen at a time when medical experts were offering me no reasons or treatments for acute pains in all limbs, in organs, the chest and muscles. I also was going through some life critical events – grieving, depression and a spiritual crisis, none of which I expected to “deal with” during my sessions with Stephen. I was simply drawn to KCR, not realising how powerful it would be. It was quickly apparent that Stephen takes a holistic approach; he doesn’t just work with signs, symptoms and themes, but with the whole person. He takes time to listen, to be gentle, he expresses authentic interest, he may be aware of the presenting issue but, without being intrusive, is always aware too that something gave rise to it. He was patient on the days I showed up but didn’t feel like having a treatment, he simply allowed me to talk, with deep acceptance. He gives “healing homework” ie exercises to do at home thus subtly emphasising that healing is about patients taking responsibility for their own health and well-being. He is constantly updating his own skills, experience, and practice – always a good sign. When in doubt, he consults with other professionals, including conventional doctors. All I can say is that after several yucky years of pain and lack of well-being, I am pain free, much more positive, and day on day feel more alive."

Andrew, Falkirk

"I came to Stephen with a chronic back pain and tightness resulting from, as i found out, stress, bad posture and repetitive work related movements. He introduced me to NMT which proved to be a quick and quite painless way back to a normal functioning. Stephen not only helped me to get rid of the constant discomfort but also explained how i can avoid the pain in the future. I am back for a maintenance session now and then and i love it. Thanks a million."

Alex, Linlithgow

"First time I've tried this type of treatment (sports massage) and am feeling the difference, even after just a couple of days. First class service and advice, will definitely be back."

Steve, Falkirk

"Felt at ease straight away. Great service and advice provided pre, during and post massage. Highly recommended. Really appreciate the post- session videos he sent me the day after the massage."

Carol, Avonbridge

"I went to Stephen with shin splints caused by tight calves from playing football, the problem was relieved after a few sessions and some stretching, never to return. Would highly recommend."

Enda, Brightons 

"I Play football with my local team and suffer a lot from tightness in my lower back and calves. Went to Stephen for two sports massages so far and it's been a big help. Tightness in my muscles has all but gone. Found him very thorough and friendly and isn't worried about going a few minutes over the hour. Great service! "

Andrew, Polmont

"Hi Stephen, I thought you'd like to know that since our last session I have without effort done an hour of intuitive stretching per day and have had no back pain whatsoever. Hips are exponentially more flexible, groin pain is minimal. I feel like a new woman. Thank you."

Helen, Falkirk

"I am a body builder and since coming to see Stephen regularly I have been feeling the improvements. My muscles are becoming bigger, more defined and I have increased flexibility.  I no longer hit a  plateau lifting weights and have now hit several new personal bests."

David, Falkirk

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